Wor. Jason Eddy

Wor Jason Eddy is a lifelong poet, student of philosophy, and seeker of knowledge.

Wor. Eddy is a Past Master of High Point Lodge #773 in Monroe, Ohio and a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason AASR-NMJ, Valley of Dayton. He is a regular contributor to Living Stones Magazine and has been published in several other various state and national Masonic publications. He is currently the Secretary and Lodge Education Officer of High Point Lodge #773.

Wor. Eddy has published a book of his philosophical musings and poetry titled: Musings Along the Road Less Taken: Vol. 1.

Wor. Eddy is also the author of Casting Light: A Journey Through Craft Masonry and Beyond.


Current Blogs:

Musings Along The Road Less Taken

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