Jason E. Marshall

                                      Photo Credit; Wor. Matthew D. Anthony

                                      Photo Credit; Wor. Matthew D. Anthony

Jason E. Marshall is a practicing attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He lives in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife and two sons. Jason holds a Juris Doctorate and a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, with an emphasis in international relations and cultural studies.

Jason's interest in international cultures has led him to extensively study world religions, philosophies, and esoteric traditions, which eventually led him to the Masonic Fraternity. Jason is a true lover of knowledge who enjoys studying various philosophies, religions, and esoteric studies in order to discover the deeper meaning and Light that is present within the various traditions, as well as within all men. Jason seeks to apply this Light to his own spiritual path, and to help others in their own journey.

Within the Masonic Fraternity, Jason is active in numerous leadership roles, and writes extensively on various blue lodge and Scottish Rite themes.

Jason is a charter member and Past Master of Lodge Veritas No. 556, in Norman, Oklahoma, a charter member and Past High Priest of Chapter Veritas No. 103, in Norman, Oklahoma, a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, Oklahoma Chapter, a member of the Oklahoma Order of High Priesthood, a charter member and officer in the Order of Athelstan Plinth Court No. 91, a charter member and charter Soverign of Aequitas AMD Council No. 546, and he is a member of the Royal Order of Scotland. Jason is also very involved in the Guthrie Valley Scottish Rite (S.J), where he is an officer in the Consistory officer line, a charter member of the Academy of Reflection, an instructor in the Valley's Education Committee, and a Past Chairman and the current Secretary for the Guthrie Valley's Mentorship Committee.

Jason's Masonic writings have appeared in "The Masonic Society Journal", Societas Rosicruciana's "Ad Lucem" publication, and he is a featured writer for "Living Stones Magazine". Outside of the Masonic fraternity, Jason has been featured in "Office Canada", as well as the 2012 book "Imperfect Spirituality", by Polly Campbell.

Jason is also the owner and primary author of the website: www.LivingInTheNow.net

Jason's Books

The Path

Jason became interested in the study of comparative religion during his undergraduate studies, after undergoing a truly transformational experience during an introductory comparative religion course. After his initial transformational experience, Jason undertook a personal journey to learn more about the various religions of the world in order to gain a better understanding of the ties that unite humanity, as well as his own true nature, and ultimately God. What began as personal notes from his studies and journeys became the genesis of this book.

Rather than the normal dry recitation of facts that highlight the differences among the world religions, in The Path, Jason explores the seven major religions of the world in order to highlight the ties that should unite, rather divide, humanity. Jason also shows how the teachings and insights from the various world religions can be applied to anyone’s journey of personal and spiritual development, regardless of one’s particular path or spiritual background.

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Lodge Veritas No. 556 Anthology Vol. 1

Jason is also the editor and a contributor to Lodge Veritas No 556's Anthology, which is a great educational resource for any Lodge or Brother.