Robert Herd

Worshipful Brother Robert Herd is a Founding and Charter Member of Enlightenment Lodge 198, a Traditional Observance lodge in Colorado Springs, Colorado currently serving as Chairman of Masonic Education. In 2012 he served as Grand Orator for the Grand Lodge of Colorado. He is a Past Master of Tejon Lodge 104 in Colorado Springs, and also an Associate Member of Lodge of Living Stones #4957 in Leeds England founded by W.L. Wilmshurst. WB Herd is a Past District Grand Lodge Lecturer for the greater Colorado Springs area, and served two years as the Membership Committee Chairman for the state of Colorado. He is a member of the York Rite bodies, 32* KCCH serving as Reunion General for the Southern Colorado Consistory AASR and serves as Wise Master in the Chapter of Rose Croix.

Other esoteric orders WB Herd belongs to include the Rosicrucians SRICF), and the Martinist order. He recently published his first book The Initiatic Experience: Ancient Pathways that Led to Your Initiation into Freemasonry. He publishes Living Stones Masonic Magazine, one of the only hard copy monthly Masonic Magazines in the U.S. He is also co-creator the most comprehensive Freemasons only Forum on the internet.

For the past 18 years WB Herd has worked for a global Leadership and Management training organization (Center for Creative Leadership) and is endeavoring to bring such leadership talents he’s learned and experienced to Freemasonry, its lodges, and individual members by creating a Lodge Leadership Course complete with lessons, lectures, activities, and discussions he facilitates.  WB Herd has worked, taught and lectured in the UK, Mexico, Belgium, Turkey and many different cities across the United States. He has been on Dateline NBC and Turkish National television promoting and educating the public regarding Freemasonry. He has an exceptionally patient wife and a 13 year old son. He serves as Scout Master for his son’s Boy Scout troop. Troop 1, the oldest troop in Colorado. He can be reached via email at


Freemasonry is an initiatic order teaching lessons of philosophy, morality, psychology, and spirituality. It contains elements of perennial wisdom, much of which has been handed down to it by other orders and cultures throughout the history of civilization. Many have searched, and continue to search, for a singular origin to our Fraternity.

This book discusses similarities found in the Initiatic Experiences which have been practiced by people of different cultures from time immemorial. You will find that much of what our lessons teach today, was taught to initiates thousands of years before Freemasonry had even been formed, being passed from Master to Candidate. It shows that some of those Initiatic processes, methods, and lessons, which were passed down to us from ancient times, was done so by some of the most famous thinkers, philosophers, and teachers in human history. Sometimes this knowledge was lost by one civilization only to be rediscovered or rejuvenated by the next. The knowledge and lessons changed nearly as little as the methods of conveying them.  It shows a lineage or pathway, so to speak, created by the sharing of knowledge and wisdom from Ancient Egypt and Greece, to Renaissance Europe and even the Middle East. It also discusses how the process and impact of the Initiatic experience was used then, and is still used today, to promote and protect certain lessons and concepts throughout the ages, sometimes with deadly consequences. This book talks about some of the challenges certain Orders had in maintaining these lessons in times of social or religious turmoil such as the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and even the early Alchemists.

For the new and old Freemason alike, this book can provide valuable insight into the meaning behind portions of the ritual, the history behind some of the traditions, and the spirit behind some of the lessons of our Fraternity. Those interested in history will find a concise, chronological order of events making study and familiarization of information quick and easy. Those interested in the more esoteric side of Freemasonry will find both old and new concepts behind the superficial aspects of our Craft and the underlying Western Mystery School tradition as a whole.

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