Shawn M. Gorley

Shawn is a Certified Master Masonic Scholar with the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge as well as a Certified Speaker through the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania F&AM. By profession he is an Editor for Lewis Masonic, the oldest Masonic Book Publisher. He also is a featured writer for The Working Tools Masonic Magazine and a Book Review Editor for Bonisteel Masonic Library and their publication Rising Point International Masonic Review. 

He is the owner and publisher of the Masonic educational site, and his personal website is

Shawn is also the author of Freemasonry Defined.






His latest book takes the reader on a journey through some not so well known historical moments in Masonic history to directly point out the lessons to be learned from them and to pose the question; are we doing the best we can today as a whole? The book is an inspirational wake up call to our Fraternity, using history and its lessons to sort of “pump up” the reader to be a better Freemason.

Some of the examples in his book will hit the reader right in the guts and it is meant to be that way so that we not only do our best in the worst of circumstances but to do our best in the good times as well. It is a shorter book, yet it provides much food for thought, it is short, powerful and to the point and the reader will most definitely gain knowledge and insight from reading the book.