The Entered Apprentice- The Masonic Fool: A Reflection

By: Jason E. Marshall

(The Fool card in the Tarot represents unlimited potential, youth, and enthusiasm, yet it is bound in a raw and unrefined state, which is also the classical representation of the Entered Apprentice in Masonic symbolism.)

Each Mason begins his journey as a Fool.

As a candidate we are a Fool that is full of energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to start our Masonic journey, yet we lack knowledge, experience, and direction.

Unhindered by fear, we reach the door of the preparation room full of unlimited potential, promise and hope.  Our true potential is locked within us, carefully wrapped up within the baggage of our psyche, but in short order it shall be revealed. But first, as a Fool, we must take an unknown step into the abyss; however, our faith being in God, our faith is well-founded, so over the ledge we must go.

Upon our entrance into the Lodge, we blindly traverse the checkered pavement, which is fitting because prior to that moment we have blindly resided in the world, ignorant of the duality of the world and the duality within ourselves. With each step what had previously been mere potential begins to manifest into reality.

After our oath on the solemn book, we receive the first rays of Masonic Light, which sheds light upon the great and timeless mysteries that had previously been unexplored, or simply overlooked.

Bound by the mystic tie we receive the working tools of an Entered Apprentice, the 24 inch gauge and common gavel, and with these tools we begin to labor and continue our travels.

Through our labors what had been mere potential as an Apprentice will continue to manifest itself throughout the building of that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, and the future tools will guide us and our Fellow Fools, in our lifelong journeys towards that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns.

And when at last as weary Masters we lay down the working tools of life, may our well-lived life and our bonds of brotherly love and affection build a well-crafted pathway for the Fools that follow in our footsteps.


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