The Journey Home

It was at first nothing more than a flicker,

Light shining through a key hole.

His heart began to beat much quicker,

As he caught a quick glimpse of his soul.


He looked at the darkness around him,

As it was slowly dispelled by the Light.

A comforting warmth wrapped around him,

And he knew that he’d changed on this night.


In a flash the door was thrown open,

The source of the Light was revealed.

The true vastness of all the world’s oceans,

To him was no longer concealed.


The answers to all of his questions,

His place in G-d’s divine scheme.

He stepped towards the waiting reception,

To that place that for so long he’d dreamed.


For a moment he looked all around,

At the place he’d spent life searching for.

Before now he’d only once found,

At its entrance a locked wooden door.


But alas he had been granted his entry,

To the celestial Lodge in the sky.

After searching for almost a century,

He’d finally come back home to die.

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